Small Business Web Sites – Learn and Be in Control

Excepting the most basic presence website, one who’s content doesn’t need to change often, or at all, being in control of your firm’s website is a must for small business owners.

For those who have relied on a web development company, suffice it to say you will sooner or later suffer the following frustrations:

Lack of complete transference. What you want your website to look like and how it should perform, rarely transfers 100% to your web design resource.
Timeliness of action. Websites and their content are public documents that customers print out and save: perhaps to use against you. If a binding legal item becomes variable: (such as delivery time for a purchased product), waiting a day or so for your outsourced web designer to make the change desired may be too little too late.
Quick change of content. This point follows the last. The inability to access and change your websites content can be detrimental if you are in direct price or product competition with another firm who is more “web agile”.
Creative Block. Have you awaken with a great promotional idea for your web site? You are much more likely to implement it if you can sit down at the computer quickly and make the change yourself.

All these frustrations and limitations can be alleviated with “in-house” control of your changing web enterprise. For those who really have no desire to learn a web authoring program, and all the thousands of variables that software designers have developed in the past two decades, delegation to an employee or even better, a family member is most advisable.

The R.O.I equation is easy to justify. A cursory survey of programs for web design along with hosting as well as shopping cart modules for those who sell on-line can be had for less than $2000.00.

If you are completely adverse to authoring and administering your web enterprise and want to get away from outsourced design services. Your only real choice is to recruit a trusted employee (family being often best) with reasonable computer skills to learn and perform the duties. It is not unusual, after they have taken the helm of your web enterprise that they will teach you: (if so asked) how to do it as a back-up contingency.